How to remove stains from commercial tile flooring?

My bathroom ground is turning yellow bad by the bathroom and bathtub really. It’s commercial tile flooring. It isn't vinyl or linoleum. I've used Clorox to completely clean up, water and bleach, and other ground cleaners, but nothing spent some time working. I think using it was made by the bleach worse. The color is nearly orange.
Most business tile flooring is really a thick, difficult vinyl tile. The vinyl will be durable and may tolerate harsher cleaning strategies. There are several leads to for yellowing on the tile ground. The foremost is a natural response that occurs when sunshine reacts with vinyl. The second reason is discoloration of the wax covering that is along with the tile. To eliminate these discoloration and staining, utilize the method below.
Steps to Clear the Floor:
Fill up a bucket with 1 gallon of warm water.
Add one glass of ammonia and ½ mug of dishwasher powder in order to the water.
Mix until it really is nicely combined and the dishwasher powder has dissolved.
Turn on your bathrooms exhaust fan and when possible open some home windows or setup some followers to ventilate the workspace.
Now we shall work in small parts of the floor to completely clean and take away the stains.
Utilize the mop to sponge adequate the liquid onto the top. If it puddles, that’s fine, you need plenty to utilize.
Scrub the region with a scrubber gently. You can find mops with scrubbers on the advantage that work very well for this.
Mop up the rest of the liquid.
Repeat until all parts of the floor have already been stripped and cleaned.
Once the ground is cleaned to your fulfillment, mop up any staying liquid.
Dry the ground with old towels or soft cloths.
Once the floor is dry completely, apply a fresh coating of floor wax.