Designer Crush: Kazuko Hoshino of Studio William Hefner

As the principal of interior design at Studio William Hefner, Kazuko Hoshino leads an interdisciplinary team of designers and artisans to create unique spaces that incorporate custom designs. Drawing inspiration from her home country of Japan, Hoshino's elegant style is characterized by subtle palettes, and simple lines, merging minimalism and elegance. Learn more about the designer in our Q+A below. 

1. You studied sculpture in Japan and graphic design in Los Angeles; how did you eventually transition into interior design?

I never liked the 2D of graphic design, so sculpture was perfect for me because I was able to work in 3-D. The transition from sculpture to interior design felt intuitive because interior design is 3-D and involves many different elements.

2. You believe the dialogue between space and decor begins early in the design process — how do you begin that dialogue and why is it important to start it sooner than later? Read More...

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